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Take to the streets and discover another side of Sydney.

Collect our walking tour brochures at the Customs House Information Desk.

Each brochure introduces you to a different area of Sydney and its fascinating history. Tours take approximately 1-2 hours and feature a map with numbered points of interest, detours and museum stops along the way.

Download the Sydney Culture Walks app for your smart phone to access these walks and learn the stories behind our city’s most loved public artworks and historical points of interest. It’s the ideal companion for discovering Sydney on foot.

Experience The City of Forking Paths

Immerse yourself in the world of fact and fiction as artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller lead you on a free twilight video walk through The Rocks.

From dusk, The City of Forking Paths takes you on a fictional journey through the real streets of The Rocks. Using a mobile device, you’ll be guided by Janet’s voice as you leave Customs House and discover fictional scenarios and incidents along the way. Familiar streets become a backdrop for an unfolding narrative of memory, displacement and desire.

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: Free

When you arrive

The artwork begins inside Customs House where the City of Forking Paths team member will meet you at the concierge desk. Make sure you arrive at least 5 minutes before your registered start time.

What to bring

You’re encouraged to travel light and not carry heavy bags as you won’t be able to leave any belongings at the start of the walk. We also recommend wearing comfortable shoes as the route involves steep staircases and uneven surfaces in low light. It’s also a good idea to bring bottled water.

What to expect

The walk begins at sunset, and will take you from Customs House through Circular Quay, the Rocks and under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You will be walking at a moderate pace and at times pausing at a location when instructed by the artist.

The route meanders through alleyways, up staircases and through beautiful historic locations overlooking the city. While it will be night-time, areas are lit by street-lights and ambient lighting throughout.

Walking with friends or a group

This artwork is intended to be experienced individually but group bookings are welcome. Groups of people will be encouraged to begin the walk at staggered intervals of 5 minutes. The registration page reflects this staggered timing, and bookings are made as 1 person per time slot. However, if you feel uncomfortable with the idea of being alone in quiet areas of The Rocks at night, you can walk with a friend.

Safety during the walk

The artwork may provoke feelings of distraction and disorientation. Please be aware of your surroundings as you do this video walk. All participants are required to sign a waiver to acknowledge the risks involved.

Artwork length

The walk takes 60 minutes. Please also allow additional time to collect and return your device.

Wet weather

The walk is unable to proceed in wet conditions due to the risk of slipping on wet surfaces, and potential damage to the electronic devices. If the walk is cancelled due to wet weather, you’ll be emailed at least 60 minutes prior to your registered start time.


A subtitled version of the artwork is available.

Children and young people

You must be 18 years and over unless accompanied by an adult. The walk is not suitable for children under 12 years.