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Augmented Australia : 1914 2014

30 October – 14 December 2014
Customs House Ground Floor

Augmented Australia Sydney Exhibition Curators: Maja Brkic and Gianfranco Furlan


AUGMENTED AUSTRALIA 1914-2014, curated by felix._Giles_Anderson+Goad, pushes the boundaries of architecture and technology, taking visitors on a virtual journey through a selection of Australia’s most intriguing unrealised projects. The exhibition showcases 11 historical and 11 contemporary Australian projects from the past one hundred years, which for various reasons, were never built. The projects are brought to life via three-dimensional (3D) augmented models, images, voiceovers and animations, activated by a specially designed Augmented Australia App that is free to download on common handheld devices. Trigger images, situated throughout this atrium space, can be used with the App to form a physical portal to Augmented Australia, while real-world scale 3D models are geographically positioned around Sydney and Parramatta. This groundbreaking exhibition tells the story of Australia’s architectural heritage as never before through reimagining and hi-tech innovation.
Augmented Australia Creative Team: felix._Giles_Anderson+Goad

Download AugAus Aus app from iTunes or Google Play now to experience the exhibition content from your own mobile device.



31 October 2014 15 January 2015
Location: Level 2, Customs House

Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm, Saturday to Sunday 11am to 4pm

Free to the public

Photographer David Moore (1927–2003) admitted to being ‘possessed totally’ by the building of the Glebe Island (now ANZAC) Bridge. Motivated by a familiarity with both Henri Mallard’s construction record of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Peter Stackpole’s ‘sharp and vital’ documentation of San Francisco’s Oakland Bay Bridge, from the day Moore noticed work had started on the Bridge project he seized on it as his own, gaining unrestricted access to the site and giving over 3 intense years of his life to its meticulous documentation. His writings express awe for the engineering enterprise capable of producing ‘the splendid bravado evident in the vault through space’. His images betray not only a perception fine-honed in the appreciation of architectural structure and form but importantly, in Murray Waldren’s words, ‘they are a melding of emotion and interpretation, analysis and insight’. For the construction workers with their dedication and professionalism Moore reserved a special admiration and a strong camaraderie. As Waldren has observed: ‘There’s a rapport with work and with workers here which raises the pictures beyond the record into the emblematic’.

David Moore was born beside the Harbour, grew up to be captivated by it and photographed it extensively from boyhood on. His chosen career in photo-journalism would lead to international recognition and renown and eventually, at home, to a Keating Fellowship. Over five decades, Waldren asserts, Moore’s photographs have helped define our visual vocabulary; what’s more, through his international exposure his work has been a valid and valuable aspect of our cultural emancipation.


AFC Asian Cup 2015 activation

17-22nd December 2014
8th-25th January 2014
Location:Customs House Square

City Of Sydney will be hosting the AFC Asian Cup 2015 activation at Customs House throughout December and January with interactive dome activation on Customs House Square.

The Asian Cup is the premier men's football competition of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). It is held every four years and is the largest sporting event in Asia, and will be the biggest football tournament Australia has ever hosted.

The Asian Cup is a cultural celebration as well as a football tournament, working with Australia's diverse communities to celebrate Asian culture and Australia's diversity.


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