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INTERCHANGING: Future designs for responsive transport environments.

16 August – 7 September 2014
Ground Floor, Customs House, Sydney

INTERCHANGING: Future designs for responsive transport environments’ is a design approach to public transport environments and infrastructures that considers a range of social, cultural, and economic trends, in relation to new, and emerging, responsive and sustainable technologies, to better address the conditions and context of 21st century urban life. In adopting and applying this approach, the exhibition displays the combined research, with teaching, and practice to form Encircle, an ARC funded trans disciplinary research team, led by the University of New South Wales (UNSW), together with the University of Sydney, and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), and industry partners – Transport for NSW, City of Sydney, ARUP engineering and Grimshaw architects.

Encircle aims to transcend existing boundaries and conventional approaches to addressing public transport issues. An outcome of this research has been the Built Environment Interdisciplinary Learning (BEIL) studio and design competition ‘Interchange of the Future’, held at the Faculty of Built Environment at UNSW in January 2014. Here the Encircle team provided the students – comprised of a range of disciplinary backgrounds with extensive foundational knowledge relating to public transport issues.

The interdisciplinary student teams addressed two main objectives: firstly, the pervasiveness of digital technologies in everyday life, and secondly, how these shifts in the day-to-day engagement with digital technology can, and could better influence how we commute and travel. Based on the BEIL students preliminary design concepts, the team have brought research and teaching into practice to develop a 1:1 mock-up of a public transport ‘Interchange of the future’, embedded with interactive digital screen apps based on original ideas developed by Bachelor of Design Computing and the Master in Interaction  Design & Electronic Arts students at the University of Sydney

See what public transport will look like as it’s transformed by digital technologies. Get hands-on with a 1:1 scale, interactive proto-type of a public transport Interchange of the Future at Customs House. Learn aboutnew design concepts, and interdisciplinary perspectives on policy, planning, design, and management, that are currently, and are set to, shape and influence our expectations & experiences of urban public transport environments


Encircle website

Event on Built Environment Website

Event on Sydney Design website


The Story Of Our Planet Unfolds

Customs House, Sydney
31 July - 5 September 2014

The Story Of Our Planet Unfolds showcases the work of critically acclaimed photographer Michael Hall who since 2007 has been working to document human civilisation’s response to the risks and opportunities of climate change.
In partnership with The Climate Institute, who awarded Michael its first Creative Fellowship to assist him on his long-term project, the exhibit highlights the compounding impacts of climate change at home and abroad as well as growing global action to address the challenge. The exhibitions graphically records these impacts and opportunities in the hopes of opening people’s eyes, changing their minds and inspiring action. This exhibit draws on seven years of work, including the two years the project has been supported by the fellowship. The fellowship has allowed Michael to document the impact of bushfires on peoples’ livelihoods in Tasmania, the impact of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, issues of food security in Bangladesh, as well as the increasingly important role renewable energy is playing in China’s development.
Michael’s imagery helps make the reality of climate change tangible and personally relevant. It both sets the global context and shows what climate change means for our own backyard.

Michael Hall is a New Zealand-born, Sydney-based award winning professional photographer who has been in the field for over 20 years. However, it was a near fatal cycling accident with a semi-trailer in 2007 and a life-changing period of recovery, reflection, and inspiration that strengthened his resolve to tackle one of the biggest challenges the world faces: climate change.
His work has been widely exhibited and won critical acclaim for the way it artfully captures the arresting landscapes and faces of climate change. It has been acknowledged and endorsed by leading thinkers in sustainability including UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Professor Dexter Dunphy AM, Professor Tim Flannery and New York Walter Randel Gallery Curator Yoo-Jong Kim.

The Story Of Our Planet Unfolds - image
The Story Of Our Planet Unfolds - image
The Story Of Our Planet Unfolds - image

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